fight aginst terror

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fight aginst terror

Post  scpallav on Mon Dec 22, 2008 4:13 pm

hey guys i know this is far away from our game. but is very important right for us as a citizen of india. few weeks ago mumbai was made an abattoir by those terrorists. those terrorists are trying to take us as low as possible.
our neighbouring country pakisthan is globally fooling us ,saying "we are also fighting against terrorists". but instead they are training many kids , mens , as well as womans and sending them to india.this is unabide for indian people , but then they forget all those things and mind their own work. no ,never, this will never work right .we must wake up and raise our voice . forget about what those political dogs are saying.if we indians join our hands , then those ******* terrorists will not dare cross our way.if america can control iraq ,afganistan, iran.then why can't we invade friends it's not too late . we can do atleast something now.just go to www.abillionhands.comand join hands . don't forget to register in it's forum. i hope we gamers can contribute something to those who lost and lossing their lives & livelyhood.

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